The Feldon Shelter Company



You’re busy. We know that, and this leaves us with little time to relax and little space to move. So we have teamed up with mother nature by dedicating ourselves to offering an easy escape for those that are keen to explore that bit further.

Roof top solutions that are as good looking as they are innovative and functional, Feldon Shelter are New Zealand’s premium supplier of outdoor lifestyle. We all know that our country is the most beautiful place in the world, and we are giving you the best tools to help you take the first of many adventures into the wild.

With the highest quality roof top living designed right here in our little ol’ country.. Come and experience New Zealand with us, the way it should be seen.

Beth is one half of Feldon Shelter (some say the better half). When she's not creating the countries best roof top accommodation, you can find her planning missions, navigating maps, exploring recipes, photographing and more often than not, sitting on top of the truck taking it all in with her Journal in hand.

Joel makes up for the rest of the regular Feldon duo. When not hard at work in the Feldon workshop, you can often find him rushing around, ignoring maps, eating crackers, and generally just winging it on adventures.
Anything that involves a adventure and living on top of a truck, Joel will be there (oh, offshore winds seem to help too).