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Feldon Shelter is a small team of 4 dedicated to creating the highest quality rooftop tents that are as good looking as they are functional.  

Camping in New Zealand can be pretty rough, but that’s a good thing when it comes to designing rooftop tents that can handle it all & go anywhere. Rain, we get loads of that. Snow? Yep. Wind, sun, hail, we literally get it all year round. We have spent the past 5 years designing and proving our Crow’s Nest rooftop tents can withstand the worst conditions possible & create effortless adventures through innovative design.

5 years ago we started with an emphasis on quality and this remains to this day. It’s this time spent designing and putting in the hours that sets us apart. We are not simply a generic rooftop tent product with a logo slapped on it, we are New Zealand's premium supplier of outdoor lifestyle.

Designed & tested in the harsh and unpredictable, New Zealand has proven the perfect test bed for the Crow's Nest and we are confident to unfold abroad.