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Welcome to the next generation of rooftop living! Introducing the Hawk’s Nest 2-Person Aluminium Rooftop Tent - Low-Pro.

This Low-Pro model is the slimmest, most aerodynamic & low-profile tent in our range. For a taller model with more space for bedding inside when travelling, please see our Standard model here.

The Hawk’s Nest’s tough & durable fully aluminium construction creates an aerodynamic rooftop home that is extremely low profile and can be unfolded and ready for camp in under 30 seconds (yes, you heard that right!).

With mountable accessory tracks throughout and optional tent mounted racks that can handle up to 35kg worth of essential adventure gear on top when unfolding,  adventures have never been so effortless.


The Hawk’s Nest is built tough with a ultra-durable, fully aluminium shell and marine grade stainless steel components throughout. Creating a rooftop home that will handle anything your adventures throw at it.

Combine this with Feldon Shelter’s latest X-Canvas technology, along with tried and true quality materials sourced both locally and from around the globe, the Hawk’s Nest has been developed and proven to handle the toughest conditions NZ can throw at it. All backed by Feldon Shelter's trusted 2-Year ‘NZ Proof’ Warranty. 




It’s as easy as snapping the two easy to use lockable latches open and letting the marine grade stainless steel gas struts do the rest.  The Hawk’s Nest is fully setup in less than 30 seconds making it one of the most effortless rooftop options on the market. 

With the moveable telescopic ladder and two ladder entry options at all times, ensures you have easy access, however your vehicle or camp site is setup.


We’ve teamed up with Front Runner Outfitters to offer tent mounted rack options that let you bring all your essentials along for the ride. There’s a whole host of tie down, load securing and gear mounting accessories available.

Upgradable Marine Grade 316 Gas Struts allow up to 35kg worth of gear to be stored on top whilst unfolding and at camp. This means less time taking gear on and off and more time enjoying yourself. The modular design doesn’t stop there with multiple accessory mounting T-Tracks featured around the entire perimeter of the aluminium shell, for mounting awnings, camp lights and more.

Inside, you’ll find an insulated roof panel featuring a handy cargo storage net and storage hooks. There's customisable rope track mounts for optional storage pockets and organiser options (coming soon).

Checkout the Full Range of Hawk’s Nest Accessories Here.


From Northland’s beaming sun to the howling winds & rain of the deep South, the Hawk’s Nest has been rigorously tested and proven amongst it all. With each element has been purposely developed here in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Featuring the brand new X-Canvas, the Hawk’s Nest’s tent body & Rainfly is built tough using Feldon Shelter's proven, NZ proof construction methods. We’ve sourced the gear that works, genuine YKK Zippers from Japan, European built COATS thread (the stuff used on boat sails), NZ-Made Bungees, the list goes on. With downward facing, heat sealed seams throughout, the Hawk’s Nest is designed to be weatherproof in even the most extreme conditions. Giving you the confidence to go further and tackle it all.

Feldon Shelter’s very own built in ErgoCell dual stage mattress comfortably fits two people with enough room to stretch out. There’s nothing like a soft, dry and flat bed to lay on after a long day behind the wheel. You can kiss goodbye those restless nights spent sleeping on rocks and roots.


TENT BODY: 360G Polyester X-Canvas, PU Treated Waterproofing. Developed & proven for NZ's Harshest Conditions to be Tear-Resistant, Waterproof & Weatherproof in anything your travels throw at you. UV, mould and mildew resistant, X-Canvas won’t let you down.

COATS UV-Resistant Thread (the stuff used on yacht sails), genuine YKK Zippers, Double Reinforced and Heat Sealed Seams, Marine Grade Stainless Eyelets, NZ Made Bungees (which guide pack down) & high grade 150G Mosquito Mesh throughout.

TENT SHELL: Durable Powder coated full Aluminium framework with lightweight, but strong aluminium honeycomb panels that feature 10 reinforcement backbones.

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel is used for all components & hardware, along with an industrial grade rubber sealing method, ensuring the entire tent weatherproof and corrosion free & weatherproof in salt, sun, rain and snow.

GAS STRUTS: High Quality Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Gas Struts that withstand up to 45 knots of wind & can carry up to 35kg worth of gear when open.

MATTRESS: 60mm thick Dual Layer Ergocell Mattress (High Density, comfortable foam, with anti condensation lower layer). Machine washable mattress cover with waterproof, underside and side panels.


The Hawk’s Nest comes in 3 different models/size options. Head here to check them all out. 

Capacity: Designed for 2 Happy Campers & 300kg of internal weight.
Bedding Capacity When Closed: Minimal, Pillows & Sleeping gear should be removed before closing (for more bedding capacity, checkout our taller Hawk's Nest Standard & Wide sizing).
Closed Sizing: 128 W x 17 H x 225 L (cm) 
Height doesn't include optional tent mounted racks
Open Sizing: 128 W x 155 H x 225 L (cm)
Mattress Sizing: 120 W x 218 L (cm)
Rooftop Tent Weight: 68kg
Tent Mounted Rack Load Capacity: Up to 100kg when travelling & 35kg when tent is open.


Roof Rack Requirements: 3-Bar Roof Rack System OR Roof Platform with a minimum of 6 Mounting Points to your vehicles roof. 

The spacing between the front & rear roof rack (or for roof platforms, the front & rear mounting points) should be no less than 900mm.

Vehicle Requirements: Both your vehicle & roof rack system require a minimum dynamic load rating of 100kg or more.

The Hawk's Nest range of rooftop tents is well suited to larger SUV's, 4x4's and vans.

A quick note for most Double Cab Utes: A load capable canopy with suitable canopy mounted roof racks (or platform) is generally required. The tent cannot be mounted both to the utes cab and canopy/tray at the same time, due to their individual flex on the chassis. The ute cab itself also usually does not offer enough mounting length.

Good news! If you require suitable roof racks, we stock and install most leading brands. For all roof rack and vehicle questions, feel free to get in touch with us here.

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